Saturday, 5 May 2012

Polish Finish Series: Flakies

Hey everyone!
I didn't do a post of this series in a while, but luckily I remembered to do today :D We're getting close to the end of Polish Finish Series, there are only a few more finishes I need to talk about.
Today's topic is Flakies. Flakies themselves are actually just glitter particles. They're not like "real" glitter, they're rather random shaped and thinner and they shimmer a different way. Some like to call them opal particles, which is just the same as the word Flakies.
Some of these flakie particles have a duo- or multi-chrome effect to them, that means they change their color at different angles. A very popular version of that is yellow to orange to green.
Flakie polishes are most of the time jelly or sheer polishes containing these flakie opal particles. They're not always meant to be worn opaque, but rather for layering. At that point I also have to mention a special method of layering: the jelly-flakie-sandwich. It's basically a method where you first use a jelly polish, then, in-between coats, use the flakie polish and top it off with another coat of the jelly polish. That way the flakies are sandwiched :D It looks actually really nice :)
Not so long ago there were only special brands who sold Flakies, like Nfu Oh or Nubar. By now a lot of common brands make flakies in all kinds of variations. Essie has some, Zoya, even Essence! I'm glad about that, because I love flakies and it's great to get the chance to buy them more often :)
Here I want to show you 2 examples:
The first one is a very basic flakie polish, a clear polish with the yellow to orange to green multi-chrome. The one I have is Essence's Waking Up In Vegas from their Re-mix Your Style LE of fall 2011. It was limited, but now they have the same polish under a different name in the permanent line.
The other polish is another Essence polish, of their Color3 Line. It's a double-ended polish with one shimmer and one flakie part. It's called Midnight Date (City That Never Sleeps). The opal particles are blue and change to green at some angles.
After all, I love flakies :) What do you think of them?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I have the Waking up in Vegas topcoat too and I'm in LOVE with it. It's so versatile that you can transform almost your entire polish collection with it.

  2. I like them to use them as top coat and change other polishes :-)

    1. that really is a good way of using them :)


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