Monday, 14 May 2012

Spotted: Essence Show Your Feet Barefoot Beauties LE

Hey there!
Yesterday I finally spotted Essence's Show Your Feet Barefoot Beauties LE. It's a summer-themed LE for nails and toes.
It contains 5 nail polishes, 1 pair of toe separators, toe protection gel stripes, gel pads for shoes and 2 different anklets. Here *click* you can see all of the products on Pinkmelon.
The nail polishes are all bright summer colors. None of them is really unique, but they're pretty nonetheless. I bought one of them, called 25 Kiss Of The Mermaid. It's coral red, a creme. Really pretty but also common, a lot of brands do this kind of color this season. But application was great, it barely needed a second coat and the consistency is really squishy.
The toe separators are things I actually hate, these only just hurt me, I never use them :D
The toe protection gel stripes are actually a good idea, especially for those of us who like to wear flip-flops. I might go back and get them!
The gel pads are things a lot of drugstores offer all year round, so you don't necessarily have the get these.
And last but not least, the anklets. They're cute, but not my style.

It definitely is a nice LE, but I rather have ones with "real" cosmetics. I could get all of this stuff somewhere else, too, it's not unique.
What do you think of this LE?
xoxo, Misch


  1. kiss of the mermaid is gorgeous. I would go for essence just because they are so reliable compared to a lot of other brands :)

    1. you're right! And some things can be so pricey at drugstores, like these shoe pads and stuff!

  2. This LE isn't that exciting but usually summer collections don't win my heart (they are just too bright) but gel stripes sounds useful

    1. I actually usually love summer collections, they're always so much fun! But we don't seem to agree often anyway :D


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