Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spotted: Essence Season Of Extremes LE

Hi there!
I know this spotted post is about a month late, since the Season Of Extremes LE was supposed to be out around the beginning of March. But somehow my drugstore never got this LE, and I just saw it like 2 days ago somewhere outside my hometown. So, a late post on this one!
This is an LE containing only nail polishes, 6 Color3 (double-ended) and 8 normal ones. Here *click* you can see the promo pics.
The LE is parted into nude colors, and bright ones. The number of brights and nudes is split equally, that makes 3 double-ended and 4 normal ones of each type. The colors are all fun, not only the bright ones! I find that they made really pretty nudes, they looked interesting and aren't just your standard beige. But, I still only got bright polishes ;) I know myself, and I wouldn't wear the nudes anyway ;)
From the Color3 polishes I bought 2 ones. The first one is called 01 It's Two Bright, and it's a bright blue creme on one side, and sheer yellow on the other that contains a duochrome shimmer, going from gold to red. I first couldn't imagine them layered, but it's so pretty, and really unusual :) The blue was opaque with 2 coats, and it was nice and squishy to apply. The shimmer is especially stunning over black, I'm in love!
The other Color3 polish I bought is 03 We Are All Bright, and it's a bright medium turquoise/blue-toned green, and a light lilac shimmer. They are both super duper pretty, and I also like the green on its own a lot! And I can't wait to layer the lilac over a similar light polish, that has to be so gorgeous! The green needed only 2 coats and had the same squishy texture as the blue.
And last but not least, the normal polish I got. It's called 03 Pimp My Bright, and it's a bright yellow with very slight orange undertones. This is a very happy shade of yellow, and I love this color! I own a pretty old polish from Essence, Sundancer from their Color&Go line (long discontinued), and they look so similar! I use the old Essence polish all the time for nail art, so I thought a new version couldn't be bad ;) On the nail wheel I needed 3 coats for Pimp My Bright to be opaque, and I'm okay with it.
After all, I like these polishes, they're so fun for spring! Which ones did you get?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I am really in love with the combination or black base with yellow glitter!

  2. my favorite is the turquoise color...

  3. Hello :)

    Love Essence but they have so many collections that never came to sad :( because they are so beautiful!!! Loved the double-ended!

    I invite you to visit me on (translation: Just one more polish!)


    1. hi there! :)
      that's a pity, they should definitely change that!
      I'll have a look at it, thanks for sharing :)


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