Monday, 16 April 2012

NOTD April 16th: Essence Fruity LE 05 Mashed Berries

Hi guys!
Today I'm wearing the polish I got from Essence's Fruity LE, called 05 Mashed Berries. That's at least what I think (I had a look at the promo stuff), because Essence didn't print any names onto the polish bottles.
Mashed Berries is a light cool-toned pink with round dark purple glitter in it. The glitter makes it look a little like seeds, which matches the fruit theme. It's a super fun, quite unique and also really refreshing polish, I've been starting to like colors like it more and more!
The consistency of this one is nice, it's a little on the thin side and super squishy. I would say it's a mix of a creme and a jelly, and you know I love that finish ;) It's super shiny and not that opaque at first, but with 2 coats it wasn't streaky anymore. I added one more coat so I didn't have as much of a strong visible nail line, even though you can still tell it the slightest bit. But only if you look for it ;)
Since I did 3 coats there are layers containing glitter that overlap, and that gives it a little the look of a jelly glitter sandwich. I love that, it makes it more interesting and fun :)
I really really like this polish, it's so pretty and definitely worth a buy!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I was also looking for the names and I was very surprised because no one ever mentioned that they are missing (I thought that I got the wrong bottle)

    I just have to mention that this color fits you perfectly :)

    1. haha, me too :D I was looking at the bottle, every part of it, thinking "Where is this damn name?!"

      thank you sweetie :)

  2. I just found out about this polish on another blog this week. It's so beautiful and the purple glitters are such a good idea to represent seeds. Really wish I had this polish.

    1. maybe you'll get the chance to buy it some time! :)

  3. I really love this nail polish! This color is so amazing for spring!:)

  4. It looks even better in your nails!


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