Monday, 30 April 2012

NOTD April 30th: China Glaze - Japanese Koi Neon

Hey guys!
Today I want to show you the next China Glaze polish that was waiting to be worn, Japanese Koi Neon.
Japanese Koi Neon is a vibrant neon orange. It's seriously as bright as it can be, there's nothing brighter! It's really what you think of when you hear Neon. The color is really "loud" if you understand what I mean, it's an eye-catcher and definitely stands out. It doesn't contain any shimmer whatsoever.
Application of this is great as soon as you get the hang of it. Since it's a neon, it dries matte. And any polish that dries matte also dries fast, so you gotta be quick with your application. Make sure you have enough product on your brush, and it'll work :) I needed 3 coats for this polish since it's streaky at first. And what I also had was visible nail line. But that's okay, it still looks good :D
I decided to add a top coat because it looked a little uneven and I'm not the biggest fan of matte nails. And it glows even more when it's shiny!
My camera seriously hates this polish, it just wouldn't get the color right! You have to imagine it a tad brighter.
Don't confuse this with China Glaze's Japanese Koi, apparently they have a version that isn't a neon, that's at least what the Internet told me ;)
This color is definitely nothing for shy girls, but if you like to wear bold shades, go for it! It's not as hard to pull off as I thought, and a lot of people complimented on this one :)
Would you wear a shade as bright?
xoxo, Misch


  1. No, I wouldn't. But hey, it's definitely eyecatching!

  2. Wow! I would wear it! I was looking for an orange like that one!


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