Friday, 27 April 2012

Little China Glaze Haul

Hi guys!
A good friend of mine recently went to the United States and as a surprise, she brought me 4 gorgeous China Glaze polishes! Thanks again Lolo, you're pretty awesome :D
Here are the latest additions to my China Glaze collection:

China Glaze - Frostbite
Frostbite is a super stunning vibrant blue. I'd say it's somewhat indigo, and it has this super stunning pearly shimmer that isn't frosty. It glows from within! Formula was great, it applied nicely with 2 coats on my nail wheel. Frostbite was originally part of the Winter 2007 Ski Collection.

China Glaze - Coconut Kiss
Coconut Kiss is a medium purple that is not blue-toned, but also not really pink-toned. Dunno what color it's leaning ;) It has a frost shimmer, which made be be kinda "meh" about it at first, but this frost is actually rather metallic and looks great when applied! Here I did 3 thin coats. It dries a little darker than it looks in the bottle. Coconut Kiss was originally part if the Summer 2006 Fiji Fling Collection.

China Glaze - Japanese Koi Neon
Japanese Koi Neon is a bright hot vibrant orange, the kind of color you think of when you hear Neon. It's so loud, it seems to be screaming "look at me, I'm neon!". Guys, I frickin' love this! It's pure awesomeness! It dries almost completely matte, like most Neons do, and here I used 3 coats for it. My camera freaked when I tried to take pictures, it's too bright :D Don't confuse it with China Glaze's Japanese Koi, which is a different, not neon, orange polish.

China Glaze - Rich&Famous
Rich&Famous is a hot pink creme, rather common. Even though it's not a unique color at all, I don't have a dead-on dupe for it in my collection. It's a tad more cool-toned than your normal hot pink creme. I really like the formula on this one, it's 2 coats here. And it's really pretty, I'm a big fan of pink cremes! It dries a tad darker than it looks in the bottle. This was first released with the Monte Carlo Collection in 2004, then re-released with the What's Your Color? Collection in 2009 and now it's part of China Glaze's core line.

After all, I really like these polishes! They're all bold and so much fun! They have been around for quite some time already, but they're still something I like to wear! What do you think of them?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Japanese koi neon and frostbite are so gorgeous! I love them!!!! Jealous :P
    Your friend is so sweet to get you polish.

    1. Absolutely :)
      Yes, that was so cute of her!

  2. my favorite is the japanese koi neon, is so bright!!!

    1. It's so bright it almost glows in the dark, that's so awesome!

  3. They're all gorgeous but I might need to actually buy that Japanese Koi neon. :)

  4. They're all gorgeous <3 You have a great friend :)


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