Saturday, 21 April 2012

Review: Catrice Revoltaire LE Ombre Blush in C01 Color Bomb

Hi guys!
Today I finally have a review for you guys, about Catrice's Ombre Blush from their Revoltaire LE. Let's see how I like it!
  • part of the current Catrice Revoltaire LE
  • it's called Powder Blush C01 Color Bomb
  • the color is a gradient which goes from a light peach to a dark peach-toned pink
  • it has a very fine shimmer
  • it contains 8g
  • it costs 3.95 Euros
  • really gorgeous design (ombre and packaging)
  • nice color
  • really fine and pretty shimmer
  • nice for every day, you don't overblush that easily
  • easy to apply with a brush
  • price is okay
the lightest part of the blush
    all of the colors mixed together
    the darkest part of the blush
  • it's pressed quite hard, that means you have to scrape a little to get enough product
  • it's limited
  • it's not as special as it looks, you can achieve the look with a lot of other blushes

    from left to right: lightest part, darkest part, all colors mixed
    from left to right: lightest part, darkest part, all colors mixed
    After all, I do like this blush. But as you can tell from the last negative point I wrote, it's not that special. Of course, it looks super duper pretty and I enjoy using it, but to be honest, I don't think it's worth all of the hype it's getting. So, don't be sad if you don't get it, there are other blushes out there that are just as pretty :) To me it's so popular because of the design, not because of the product itself.
    What do you think of it?
    xoxo, Misch


    1. It looks very pretty, but as I trust you, I won't be sad if I don't get it :-)))

      1. yes, do that! I'm glad you trust my judgement :)

    2. This gradient thing makes it really cool but, as you said, it doesn't seem to be a unique shade - I guess Catrice has already offered a similar one in the Floralista or in the permanent line...?

      1. exactly :)
        well, I have the Floralista blush here and could make a comparison if you're interested! as far as the permanent line in concerned, I have no idea since I don't own a permanent blush, but I could have a look at it the next time I'm at the drugstore!

      2. I don't own any blush from Catrice, I was just guessing from what I remembered but a comparison would be interesting :)

      3. Sure, I'll do one for you! :)


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