Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Review: Essence Rebels LE Lip & Cheek Pot 01 Peach Punk

Hey there!
Today I want to review Essence's Lip&Cheek Pot from their Rebels LE. Here you go:
  • called Lip & Cheek Pot 01 Peach Punk
  • part of Essence's Rebels LE (April 2012)
  • is a creme blush that you can also apply to your lips
  • it's a bright orange peach color
  • it contains 7g
  • it costs 2.45 Euros
  • comes in a little pot
  • price
  • color (looks very vibrant but is actually very wearable!)
  • great pigmentation
  • nice consistency (creamy, but a bit like a gel)
  • good to apply with both fingers and a brush
  • gives you a nice flushed natural look
  • doesn't contain any shimmer particles whatsoever
  • blends evenly
  • it's a product for both lips and cheeks: convenient when you're on the go
  • lasts all day with just fading a tiny bit
  • it's limited
  • it dried out my cheeks a little (could also be due to the weather, I'm not sure)
  • if you don't watch out you can look overblushed
  • on your lips it enhances dry areas strongly 
  • with the container it might not be that hygienic: make sure you use a clean brush or clean fingers!
blended out well
After all, I really like this blush! I only use it as a blush, but that's okay for me. It's so so pretty, and I love to use it! I think this one deserves way more attention than the Catrice Revoltaire LE Ombre Blush, the Essence one is way prettier and better to use in my opinion. Give it a try if you like the color!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. thanks for this review! I was wondering how well you can acutally blend's pretty and I like it when there is no shimmer for a blush!

    1. you're welcome! you can blend it out really well as long as your careful to get all of the edges!
      that's great :)

  2. it's so lovely! I get mine tomorrow, a friend got it for me. I cant wait to try it out :D

    1. that's fantastic! Let me know how you like it :)


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