Tuesday, 3 April 2012

March 2012 Favs

Hi guys!
Today I want to show you my favs for the month of March! Unfortunately they aren't as many, and a few are also already from last month. That is due to the fact that I've been sick for a while and that I didn't get the chance to try out as many new products. But maybe next month ;)
Nivea Rich Body Milk - I've always been using Isana's Yogurt&Vitamin Body Lotion, and now they discontinued it :P So I had to get a new body lotion, and I chose a classic one, the basic Nivea Body Milk. I like it!
Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas LE Duo Lipgloss in 01 Lovely Sinner - This month I've been partying quite a few times, there were a lot of friends' birthdays to be celebrated. And for occasions like that I wore a red lip quite often! I like this lipgloss because it lasts really long, and that is awesome at a party :) Here *click* I reviewed it, it was unfortunately limited.
Catrice Nymphelia LE Unbeleaf'able Blush in 01 Dancing Nymph - This blush has already been among my favorites last month, and I still like it! It's super pretty for spring, and I always look fresh and glowy in the morning when I apply this one :) Here *click* is a review on it.
Catrice FeMALE LE Cream To Powder Blush in 01 A Woman's World- Another blush, also already mentioned last month. Super pretty blush, I don't get tired of it :) *click* for a review.
Essence Color3 Nail Polish - As you might be able to tell from my various posts about Essence's new Color3 Nail Polishes, I really love them! They're great quality and so so stunning! Here you have the 4 ones from the permanent line that I own: Midnight Date (City That Never Sleeps), A Walk In The Park (Stop For An Ice Cream), Kiss On Top Of The Rock (Dancing In The Streets) and Shopping Trip In Soho (Party All Night Long).

These are already all of my favs! What were yours?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Oh I envy you for the catrice female blush! I looked for it everywhere but couldnt find it :////

  2. i love the package of the polishes!!!

    1. Haha, me too, they looks so fun together :D

  3. I posted mine on Monday. It is so clear that you love the double nail polishes from Essence, hehe!

    1. Oh, I didn't see them yet, but I'll have a look later!
      Haha, totally :D


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