Sunday, 31 October 2010

Spotted + Haul: Essence Metallics Limited Edition

Hi there,
I'm sorry for being MIA the last couple of days, didn't have access to the internet :( Pretty bad, huh? But now I'm back and I have vacation for one week, so I can blog a little more.
I just saw the new Essence LE at my drugstore and I just had to blog about it :)
It contains these things: 3 eyeshadow quads with gel eyeliner, 3 glitter lipsticks, 5 nail polishes (4 of them are magnectic), 1 magnet to create a pattern with the magnetic nail polishes, 3 jumbo eyeshadow pencils, 1 gel eyeliner brush and 1 body glitter spray.
There is also another part of the LE that has all kinds of accessoires and juwelry, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings, and I think even more.

My thoughts about it: The eyeshadow quads with gel eyeliner seemed to be quite pigmented (no testers); the lipsticks are black, gold and silver, but they are pretty sheer, so you could get a nice effect by layering them over another color; the nail polishes are pretty dark colors and all of them contain glitter, the magnet effect seems to work; I didn't even bother to buy the nail polish magnet to create the pattern because I heard multiple people saying that it's not strong enough, and it works just fine with a normal magnet, so this one isn't necessary; the jumbo eyeshadow pencils seemed to be pretty nice, definitely take a look at them; the gel eyeliner brush isn't that big and just looks like the one that came with the gel eyeliner in the Denim Wanted LE, just a bit bigger; the body glitter sray isn't necessary in my opinion either, I don't like stuff like that.
The juwelry didn't seem to be that cheaply produced or anything, if you like something, don't hesistate to get it, the things just weren't my kinda style.

What I bought:
The eyeshadow quad in 03 copper rulez
The nail polish in 01 iron goddess
The heart-peace necklace

Over all thoughts: This limited edition is pretty okay, not the best one ever, nor the worst one. Take a look at it, you might like something!

Also spotted: Essence 24h Hand Protection Winter Edition Limited Edition
This one is a Winter hand lotion LE, just as the one they had last year. Not my favorite kinds of scents, but okay. Some might like it.

I'll see you later! Bye, Misch

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