Thursday, 14 October 2010

Halloween Tutorials: Crazy Rainbow Eye

Hey guys,
today I have another Halloween Look for you! This time it's a crazy colorful rainbow eye, I hope you like it! I know, this one is really crazy, but maybe some of you want to do it?!
Let's get started:
For the whole shadows I used my 120 palette.
This look doesn't have a defined crease, and every color was applied a bit over the crease, just so you know ;) All of these colors are shimmery, because I find that the shimmery colors from the 120 palette are better pigmented than the matte ones. And glitter was too much here. With this look, it's all about achieving the best color pay-off and belending the colors together seamlessly, so it's one fade from red to orange to yellow to green on the top lid, and from torquoise to blue to purple on the lower lid. Ther should be no visible color transition.
I first applied a pinkish red to my inner corner, then placed a orange color next to it and blended them together by using more reddish red. Then I put a yellow color next to the orange one and blended them by using a yellow-ish orange. The yellow fades into a light green, just blend them by using a yellow-ish green.
On the lower lashline, you want to start with purple in the inner corner, and slightly blend that into the pinkish red on the top lid. Don't blend too much, just a bit. The you want to place a mid-toned blue next to the purple, going outwards, and blend these together, using a blue-ish purple. When it comes to the outer corner, you want to apply a torquoise color and blend that into both the blue on the lower lashline and the light green on the top lid. Then you're done with the color! Make sure every transition is seamless!
Then just apply black eyeliner to the top lashline and the waterline, add some mascara and you're ready!
Don't overdo it with the rest of your face, just stick with very nude colors for blush and lips!
I'm sorry for these awkward pictures, they just wouldn't turn good :P

I hope you liked this one and let me know if you try it out!
xoxo, Misch

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