Friday, 22 October 2010

Halloween Tutorials: Crazy Purple Look

Hi guys,

here's another Halloween tutorial for you.
This one is really creative and crazy, just right for Halloween! For this look I almost just used pigments.
Let's get started:
First apply a creamy black pencil liner (Essence black mania pencil liner) messily aroud your eye, only leaving out the inner corner.
Now you want to smudge this eyeliner. You can use you finger, a brush, a q-tip or a smudger. It's supposed to be very smoked out and to have a cat-eye shape.
Time for the eyeshadows! The black was just the base, and now we're gonna use purple and a bit of pink! Start at the outer corner and apply a shimmery dark purple pigment (I used [b]basic classic glam pigment in purple) along the outer cat-eye area. Then next to it, on the top lid, you wanna place a a bit lighter purple (Jesse's Girl eye dust in ultra violet) and next to that one, a purple-ish pink (Jesse's Girl eye dust in peek-a-boo). Use a shimmery white for the inner corner (Jesse's Girl eye dust in pixiedust). Then you want to darken up the crease. First use a grey color (Jesse's Girl eye dust in hi-ho silver) for that, and then a black (Jesse's Girl eye dust in blackstar blue). Always follow the shape you created with the eyeliner at the beginning.
On the lower lashline, apply a pink pigment ([b]basic classic glam pigment in pink) and blend it down pretty far.
Add some black pencil liner (Essence black mania pencil liner) to the top lashline, the waterline and the tightline. Add black mascara and fake lashes if you want (I don't.).
The rest of your face should be kept really natural.
So what would you wear this look for? A witch? Another magic person? Tell me!
I'm gonna do a few more looks before it's Halloween next week.

I'll see you later!
xoxo, Misch

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