Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Halloween Tutorials: Blue Smokey Eye

Hi guys,
today it's time for my first Halloween Tutorial! I'm gonna say it now: This is not supposed to be a whole look or a costume, it's just a colored eye make-up, because I know that some people (me for example) don't like to wear complete makeovers, so a colorful "normal" look would be the thing to choose! Also, if you want to see any certain colors or something, go ahead and tell me :)
For this look, I started off by using a blue cream eyeshadow (TheBodyShopCream Eye Colour in 04 blueberry) on the outer half of my lid. Then I used several blue eyeshadows to create the look (120 palette, Rival de Loop Yound eyeshadow Quattro in 02 blue lagoon). All you wanna do is work your way back from the inner corner to the outer corner, getting the colors darker. Make sure to blend very well! In the very inner corner I applied a shimmery baby blue (Jesse's Girl Eyedust in Baby Blues), then I used the two lighter colors of the RdLY quattro on the lid and when it came to the crease, I first shaded it with the third color of the RdLY quattro and the blended the transition to the lid color with the tow colors from the 120 palette. The V-area had to get darker to give the look more dimension, so I applied the last color from the RdLY quattro, a blue-ish black. Then I blended the whole look towdards the brow using a nude skin tone color (Catrice Nude Cream) and used that a highlight as well.
On the lower lashline I just applied the two mid colors of the RdLY quattro to complete the eyeshadows. For eyeliner I used the Essence Black Mania Pencil and and the Essence Denim Wanted Geleyeliner in 01 vintage style. RdLY diamond wish mascara was used for the lashes.
Where blush is concerned, I just used a bronzer, but go with anything not too bright that you like. For my lips I used a light red lipgloss (Essence; don't know the name, it's old). If you want it to be more wearable, do a nude lip!
I really like this look, I think it's pretty! See this as a inspiration and change it the way you like it, using you own products! You could wear this when you are sailor for halloween, for example.
Do you have any color combinations or looks that I should do? Leave a comment and tell me!

Used It Up!: I finished my Evian facial spray, really liked it, but lately it started to smell bad :P

I hope you liked this one, I will try to do two looks a week, forgive me if I'm not able to!
Make sure to check back later, because I will post my Clinique skin care experiences, week 1!


  1. This look is beautifully done, but the photos could be clearer. The colors you sued appear navy blue, silver, and charcoal grey...beautiful combo! I myself am doing a series of blue eye. Do check my blog...esp my Essie and Essence reviews! TC!

    1. thanks! Yes, sorry, I know, that was all the way back when I had my really old and bad camera :D luckily my pictures are now better :D


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