Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Skincare Line - Week 2

Hi there!

today I have another weekly episode of my Clinique skincare line!
This week it first seemed to be okay with my skin and to help it. But now, it broke me out at the weekend! Of course, I can't prove that it really was the Clinique skincare line, but I haven't eaten anything else, nor did I used a different product! I have no idea...but I hope it'll go away soon and won't happen again!
The Soap Bar got smaller, of course, now you can't read the Clinique stamp anymore. The toner contains about 1 quarter to 1 third less product, but with the moisturizer I can't tell, because the packaing isn't clear. I think it contains more than the toner still does, because I only use the moisturizer in the a.m.

I'll update you about it again next week!

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