Friday, 15 October 2010

Review + NOTD: Essence Studio Nails

Hi there!
Let's go on with another review of a product from the new Essence permanent line! This time I want to talk about about their Studio Nails Nail Fashion Sticker.
Basic Information:
They are called a top innovation, although we already know the way how to use these from Minx. The ones I'm using are the 12 trust me! ones. They have like a taupe background color with white flowers and stuff on them.
It comes with 14 nail foils in 7 sizes, so you shoud be able to find a shape for your nails. They are supposed to stay for up to 5 days.
There are 14 different designs available, but nothing nude or something. That's a pity, because some of them aren't that wearable for everyday.
That's how you should use them:
First make sure you nails are all clean (especially oil-free) and dry. Then select your size of the sticker for you nail and press it on. Then cut off the tip if it is too long and file it down. Seal it with topcoat. Peel off to remove.
That's how I liked them & what they did for me:
Applying these stickers was pretty easy, although it was sometimes hard to file them down because they tend to kinda chip at the edges. I really like the design of these stickers, really pretty. The sizes were actually perfect for me, at least the width! They fitted really nicely. I sealed them with topcoat and it was fine. The wear isn't the best, they lasted three days on me before I had to remove them because the edges were starting to come off and they peeled off. Removal was easy, but it kinda took parts of my nail with it and that wasn't nice at all.
+ nice design
+ easy to apply
+ works really quickly, no long waiting time

- there are no nude colors/designs to choose from
- a bit hard to shorten them, especially to file them down
- doesn't last the promised 5 days
- they removed parts of the top layer of my nails

Do I recommend them?
Partly. If you like one of the designs, go ahead and try it out, but it's definitely not something to replace nail polish. It might be nice for a special occasion, but else...Not something for everyday.

I hope you liked this review! Did you try these stickers out as well? Tell me!
xoxo, Misch

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