Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Skincare Line Week 4

Hey Beauties,
this is my last post about the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Skincare Line. Not because I used it up, but because I stopped using it. It just didn't work for my skin and caused me even more breakouts. I already thought about stopping to use it, but I always told myself to keep trying, I thought it might take my skin a while to get used to it. And I know, it takes your skin 3 months to get used to a product, but I think after one month you should be able to tell wheter it'll work for you or not. It just broke out my skin and never removed those breakouts. I heard a lot of people saying that they love this skin care line and that it worked so well for them. Well....not for me, unfortunately. I would have loved to find this one working for my skin, but it doesn't. Every skin is different. I switched back to my old skincare system this weekend and it already helped my skin so much. This one is definitely the best stuff for my skin from the ones I tried so far. I might do a skincare routine for you sometime soon if you are interested in that. Leave a comment and tell me!
Now, the question at the end of every review: do I recommend it?
Well, personally, I can't really recommend it, just because it didn't work for me. But I heard so many people raving about this stuff, so yes, I do recommend it, since every skin is different. I can't promise it'll work for you, it didn't for me, but you can try it out. Though, I only recommend getting it when it's on sale as this little kit. Honestly, the skincare line isn't that great that I would pay that much money for the full sizes. So if you want to give it a try, get it when it comes in the little kit for 9 Euros.
I'm actually happy I didn't get another kit as I planned at first, and I'll give the rest that is still left over from my, more than half of it, to a friend. Maybe she'll be happy with it.

I hope you liked this review in a series! Let me know whether you want more of this kind of review, okay? Also, did it work for you? Or do you know anyone that likes this line?
Until next time! xoxo, Misch

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