Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Review: Essence Dark Romance LE Highlighter

Hi there!

I'm now finally getting round to doing this review, sorry it took so long! In the following I'll be sharing my thoughts on Essence's Highlighter from the Dark Romance LE.

  • Essence Cream Highlighter 01 Light Up!
  • part of the Dark Romance LE, December 2013
  • contains 4 g
  • costs 2,95 Euros
  • is of a white-ish pale colour, rather cool-toned
  • contains a very fine shimmer than looks rather pinkish
  • has a thick creamy consistency
  • price
  • very light colour that will make a good highlight for pretty much every skin tone
  • very fine shimmer that won't make you look all glittery
  • easy to apply with brush/ fingers
  • easy to blend due to the creamy consistency
  • you can layer it for more/ less intensity
  • the highlight isn't really that strong
  • the consistency could be smoother
  • the consistency is not the best for oily skin
After all, I think this is a nice product. Whether you'll like it or not depends on what you want from it. If you're going for a very subtle highlight, this is your product. But if you expect a very strong effect from it, there are way better products available for your purposes.

Has anyone of you tried it out?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I wanted to get this one but didn't see it on stores. I guess I'm not missing much? Haha

  2. Hi there. I know you didn't like this product but it worked great for me and I love it! If you still have it and would be interested in selling it, I'd love to have it. You can email me at

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for your offer! Normally I would love to give it to you, but it is not possible anymore with this product. It has dried out over time and is really not usable anymore, you wouldn't enjoy it at all. I'm deeply sorry for that!

  3. Bummer. Well thanks anyway! Appreciate the response. Love your blog!


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