Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Hey everyone!
I only just got back yesterday and didn't have time to think of a full make-up post yet, so that's why today I'm only gonna talk a little about my vacation.
I spent it with my family, and we stayed in an apartment in Savignano, which is relatively close to Rimini. It's located at the sea, and we were able to go swimming every day! The weather was great, most of the time around 28 degree Celsius, and out of 7 days it only once rained a little. We did several trips to nearby regions of the country, and those include San Marino, Verucchio and Rimini. They're all beautiful places to visit, and I loved it there! Especially San Marino is so cute, it's so tiny but an actual country! Of course it's all rather touristic stuff that we saw, but that's okay :D One cool thing about that region is that you have the beach, but also only have to drive a little bit to see the mountains and a different area :)
I even met cool people who were also on vacation in that region, and I'm glad I made a couple of new friends! Plus I got to use my little knowledge of the Italian language, and got to talk a little, which was really cool :) And I'm tan! I gotta get myself a new foundation ;) I haven't been this tan in years, and it feels good :) I just hope that it'll last!
When I arrived back in Germany, we had a foggy rainy day, around 10 degrees Celsius. I want to go back to the beach with the summery weather!
The pictures are just a tiny selection of all of the photos I took, but I thought these ones would give you a nice overview of my vacation :) Click on them to enlarge them, then you can see everything way better!
Has anyone of you ever been to that region?
See you soon,
xoxo, Misch


  1. Great pictures, I can see that you enjoyed

  2. wow, I'm used to go holidays nearby Rimini (Bellaria) and my ancestors comes from Verucchio! That's incredible because nobody knows that little village!!

    1. How cool is that?! I also visited Bellaria :) it's so pretty there, I loved it!

  3. It looks a very nice place! I have never been there but I love Italy and the food is amazing!

    1. it is :) yeah, me too, Italy's awesome! :D


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