Saturday, 16 June 2012

Vacation Series: What To Take With You

Hey everyone!
Today I want to continue my Vacation Series. In this episode I'll be talking about what to take with you on vacation!
First of all, you need to be aware of the climate of the country you're going to. So check out some information on humidity and temperature before you, and then pack your stuff accordingly.
Since it's a very popular vacation destination, I'll talk about what to take with you when you're visiting the beach in a warm region.
In general, I think that on vacation at the beach, less is more in terms of cosmetics. It'll be warm, and you rather want to look natural than wear a lot of heavy stuff on your face! Make sure to go for key products you can rely on, and that can be used for a lot of different looks. When you travel you don't have a lot of space most of the time, so try to narrow them down to the really important things. Let's get into what to pack exactly!
First of all, the most important stuff: sun screen. Here *click* I already talked about how important it is, and you just must not forget to take it with you! Then it's also very important to take a good moisturizer with you! I always take my regular skin care routine products with me, then my skin won't have problems because it's used to the products. Other than that, you'll need shower things to take care of your body. A good shower gel and body lotion will do, and if you have to shave, you can use your shower gel instead of taking an extra shaving cream. That's about it concerning care products!
To take care of your hair, pack something that is caring and cleansing nicely. If you have to be quick, you can go for a 2in1 product. I don't think it's necessary to pack a lot of extra products, you can do masks and use leave-ins when you're back.
Now, concerning make-up: like I already said, less is more. For your face, take either a light foundation or a tinted moisturizer so you won't sweat as much. Go for a mattifying powder as well to reduce shine. Mascara is always good, and maybe you even want to get a waterproof one to use all day. I'd recommend taking a nice blush, and a good idea for that is cream blush. You don't necessarily have to pack a brush for it, and you can use it on your lips as well! The last thing I'd take is lipgloss, it can always be worn.
If you want to go out at night, I'd maybe also take an eyeliner with me. Eyeshadow can be nice, too, but that would be mean packing brushes and different colors/palettes and an eyeshadow base and that is a lot of stuff!
You also really don't need to pack a whole lot of colors! A friend of mine once packed 5 colors of blush for a 3-day-trip, in case she might be in the mood for one of the colors. That's crazy, it's fully okay to wear 1 shade of blush or lipstick for a couple of days!
The last thing to keep in mind is the way you pack your stuff, because when you are in a hot country, chances are that some products might melt, and you want to avoid that.
What kind of cosmetics do you pack when you go on vacation?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I've packed the Essence I love Berlin palette for several trips. I love that one because you can create many different looks with one compact-size palette.
    For blushes, I usually pack a mousse blush so I can do without the corresponding brush. Brushwise, for eyeshadows the Smokey eyes brush from Essence is an all rounder.
    Sample sizes are handy when you travel as well.

    1. those are all so good ideas to pack! thank you for sharing :)

  2. I pack small sizes of the products I really need. It is funny that you think about product melting in hot countries. Well, I live in Spain and my products live all the summer with me :-)

    1. that's a good idea :)
      Haha, you're probably used to it! but it actually once happened to me in Italy that a lipstick and a creme blush melted, and ever since I've been careful about that :D

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