Sunday, 24 June 2012

Spotted: Essence Reading For Boarding LE

Hey everyone!
Yesterday I found Essence's Ready For Boarding LE at out local drugstore. It's themed around the topic traveling.
This LE contains 1 beauty bag, 2 double-ended eye pencils, 2 lip and cheek cremes, 5 nail polishes, 1 base coat, 1 eyeshadow palette and hand&body wipes. Here *click* you can see an overview of the products.
The beauty bag is really cute in the style of a postcard, and if I had needed one, I would have gotten it. But I don't need it that badly :D
The double-ended eye pencils are nice colors, they're light and wearable. But I do think that you could get these colors with other brands as well, or in the permanent line.
The lip and cheek cremes are both really vibrant shades! I got the berry pink one, called 01 Sending You Kisses. It's a matte color, and very cool-toned. Pigmentation is great, and I can't wait to test it :)
The nail polishes are all pretty colors, but a bit too pastel-toned for my liking. I got the denim blue shade, it's a very purple-leaning creme, and it's called 04 Via Airmail. Swatch is 2 coats.
The base coat is one that is supposed to enable you to peel of your nail polish in one piece. That is not good for your nails, and I have no idea why they do a product like that! But I'm still gonna google for reviews, because I'm curious who tried it :D
The eyeshadow palette is really pretty and I actually managed to take a picture of the swatches I made at the store! I really liked some of the shades, but not enough to buy the whole thing. But take a look at it, pigmentation is really good and the colors are pretty :)
Last but not least, the hand&body wipes. Theoretically a nice idea, but nothing I need.
After all, I'm not utterly smitten but it is a nice LE.
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. thank you for your post, in Italy now they are still selling the Fruity... tell us how is it going with the lip & cheek cream! I love the colour of the nail polish you bought!

    1. you're welcome :)
      of course I'll write a review about it :)
      thank you :)

  2. I like the lip and cheeks creme, but I need to finish all the cream products that I have. I am worried about them because of the hot.

    1. you're right about that, it's really reasonable!

  3. I really like this blue nail polish! And I also have
    one of those Lip & Cheek Cremes... but the other one ;)


    1. so do I :D
      what do you think of the lip&cheek creme?

  4. I just purchased the peel off basecoat, can't wait to try! I loved this LE :)


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