Saturday, 9 June 2012

Haul from Italy!

Hey there!
Today I want to show you a few nail polishes I picked up in Italy. I had actually planned to get a bigger variety of cosmetic products, not only nail polishes, and also visit a Sephora, but somehow this plan didn't work out. I was so busy being at the beach and visiting the beautiful country that I didn't really get the chance to go into "real" cosmetic stores...maybe next time! But at that moment making the most of my vacation was a little more important to me than shopping :D
I picked up most of these polishes at little supermarket/dollar stores around the area I spent my vacation, and to be honest, I don't really know anything about these brands...maybe someone can tell whether I bought only crap or something good?! :D
First of all, these was this brand called Stillday. I bought 2 of their polishes, and each one was 1 Euro. It actually says on the bottle that it's made in Italy, so it's definitely from there. It contains 15 ml.
Stillday's 38 is a dark blackened blue that applies a little like a jelly but it perfectly opaque at 2 coats. It's so pretty, and I didn't expect it to be this opaque!
Stillday's 11 is a glitter polish. It's blue round glitter in a almost clear, slightly blue-tinted base. I thought it might be cool with 38. For the swatch I did 3 coats, and it's not opaque yet, it's better for layering.
Next, a local store had tons and tons of Yesensy nail polishes, and they were all 1 Euro as well. At first I thought they were Italian, too, but Google told me it's actually a Spanish brand! They seem to have different lines of nail polish, because some bottle shapes are different.
Yesensy's 028 is a dark red with a strong golden duochrome. It's super pretty, looks different at each angle, and I like it a lot. I did 3 thin coats on the nail wheel.
Yesensy's 052 looks crazy in the bottle, it's a sheer warm purple with all kinds of glitter, mainly purple and orange. When applied, however, it's a slightly tinted polish with fine glitter, almost like flakies. I'm sure this makes a good effect polish! Swatch is 3 coats.
Yesensy's 045 is from the scented polish line, and when dry it's supposed to smell like melon. I gotta sniff at it some time, didn't do that yet. It's a deep blue with smooth glitter that applies nicely and looks really deep on. I did 2 coats for the swatch.
And, the last brand I bought something from, is nothing unfamiliar: Kiko. When I saw the store I just quickly had to get in and get myself 2 nail polishes. I'll have the time to look at other Kiko stuff in detail back in Germany.
Kiko's 240 is a deep almost bloody red creme, and it applies almost like a jelly, super pleasant consistency. Twocoater.
Kiko's 300 is a green-toned blue with a shimmer and micro-glitter, it's one of those mermaid-shades and super stunning. Again a twocoater. Have I mentioned that Kiko polishes are just perfect? I love them :)
So, this is what I got! What do you think of it? Do you know any of the brands?
When I was in San Marino, btw, I was looking out for inexpensive stuff, since you can get a lot of things duty-free there. In one store they actually seemed to sell Chanel and Dior polishes for 10 Euros, and I got totally excited. But then I had a look at the bottles: each said "tester, not for sale". I was so disappointed! I mean, I'm not gonna buy a tester, especially not when I can't even see whether it's still nice. Who would want to buy a tester?! Don't get it...
See you soon,
xoxo, Misch


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  2. Wow, that's a fantastic nail mail. I only know Kiko, which is a fantastic brand. I so wish they sold it in my hemisphere. :)

    1. thank you! :)
      you can actually get their stuff online, maybe you should have a look at the online store :D

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  4. I completely understand you for not shopping, the landscape looked amazing and time with family is precious
    but the colors you got are fantastic, I love and adore every shade you got, good pick ;)

    1. that's exactly what I mean :)
      thank you sweetie :)

  5. Haha! We find Yesensy in the Chineses stores. Is it Spanish? Really?
    Anyway the red-golden polish is soooo beautiful!

    1. really? Chinese?
      It says so online!
      it really is :) It was actually the first one that caught my eye in the shelf :D


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