Thursday, 4 November 2010

Spotted: The New Catrice Permanent Line!

Hello dear readers,
as some of you might know, Catrice changed all of their nail polishes into a new design in spring. Now they designed a lot of products new and got them prettier. And as they changed the designs, they also changed the actual products. Not everything yet, but a big part of the permanent line.
These things are new:
- 3 new Ultimate Nail Lacquers
- 32 new Absolute Eye Color Mono Eyeshadows
- 2 different new lipgloss lines
- a lot of different mascaras
- brushes
- multicolored powders
- new eyeshadow duos
- new smokey eyes kits
- a brow kit

I really like all of these products, they got so pretty and they're so good quality! The eyeshadows are really well pigmented and everything has these amazing cute names :) Catrice turned into a way better brand in both look and quality. Earlier, it wasn't that amazing products, but now, WOW! I really have to say: Well done, Catrice, it's perfect!
So far, I just got one eyeshadow, but I'll get more, definitely! The color I got is called 070 Mr. Copper's Fields, so adorable :)
Have you already seen the new Catrice Permanent Line? How do you like it, are you as amazed as I am? I'd like to know!
Until next time, xoxo, Misch

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