Sunday, 6 January 2013

Spotted: Essence Snow Jam LE

Hi there!
I already had Essence's Vintage District to show you yesterday *click*, and I'm directly going on with the next new Essence LE, called Snow Jam!
This LE contains 3 eyeshadow sorbets, 2 jumbo duo eyepencils, 2 lipbalms, 4 nail polishes, 1 set of mini nail files and 1 hand lotion. Here *click* you can see all products.

The eyeshadow sorbets come in the shades of teal, lilac and mint. They're all shimmery. Unfortunately there weren't any testers, so I can't tell you how the consistency is. The shades are all pretty but I wouldn't wear them often enough anyway, so I didn't buy any.
The jumbo duo eyepencils are double-ended thick pencil eyeliners. Each has a light and a dark shade, and they're also in that color category of mint, teal and lilac. No testers here, either, sorry.
The lipbalms are of crazy shades, one is blue and the other one purple. However, I bet they're extremely sheer and barely tint your lips. 
The nail polishes are what stood out most to be, really great shades. White with a shimmer, purple with a shimmer and two blueish shades I bought. The first one is called 01 Goofy-Blue and it's a true light blue with silver flecks in it. This is such a pretty wintery shade, I love it! Two coats in the swatches.
The other nail polish I bought is called 03 Life Is A Freeride. It's a teal shade, right between blue and green, and also not too dark. It has a very pretty silvery greenish shimmer that makes it look like lit from within as the shimmer is lighter than the polish color. Super pretty! 2 coats here.
The kit of mini nail files looked very cute, but it's nothing I use. Could be useful when traveling, however.
The hand lotion also had a nice look, but I have no idea what it smells like, I couldn't tell what this scent is.

After all, I really liked this LE from the looks, all products work together and it makes you want to go skiing! :D I'm super happy with the nail polishes I bought and will be showing them to you soon!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. When i first saw these polishes on press release i thought they were matte but it seems like they have a subtle shimmer:) i loved them Thanks for swatching, hope U Have time to visit my blog and kisses from

    1. the shimmer is actually quite obvious in real life! :)

  2. Goofy-blue is one of my new favorite nail polishes! It's on my nails right at this moment and i love the handcream! What a great smell and it doesn't feel greasy after applying! I can't say what it smells like either, but it smells gooohoood!

    1. that's good to know! Glad you like it so much :D

  3. I like the second polish very much. We paid a visit to the drugstore that carries Essence in our hometown yesterday and they had the Breaking Dawn part 2 LE.

    1. a NOTD with it will be up tomorrow :)
      did you buy anything from that LE?


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