Thursday, 17 January 2013

Essence Previews

Hi guys!
A couple more previews to show you today!
Essence will be releasing another LE in February, called Oz The Great And Powerful, and it's made for the start of the new Oz movie. Here *click* you can see all of the products. I love the cheek products, what I don't like, however, is that they just have crackling nail polishes in this LE. But I so need this gorgeous highlighting powder, look at that print!
In addition to that the new permanent line promo pics have been launched. All of this new stuff will be available in Feburary. Here *click* you can see them all. About a couple of products I'm really excited, such as the make-up sponge, the translucent powder and the nail polishes. Looks promising!
Here you can find what will be discontinued *click*.
What do you think of these new things?
xoxo, Misch


  1. The make up sponge and the nail art twins look great. Thanks for these previews, they are very useful!

    1. I agree!
      thanks, good to hear you enjoy them!


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