Monday, 14 January 2013

Review: Essence Vintage District LE Duo Lipstick & Gloss 02 Antique Pink

Hey there!
Today I want to review the first product from Essence's Vintage District LE, the Duo Lipstick & Gloss. You can see my Spotted post here *click*. Now onto the review, here you go:
  • Essence Duo Lipstick & Gloss 02 Antique Pink
  • part of the Vintage District LE, January 2013
  • double-ended lip product with a lipstick and a lipgloss on either end
  • the lipstick is just a color without shimmer whatsoever, in a strawberry shade
  • the lipgloss has a tiny bit of a rather invisible shimmer, also in a strawberry shade
  • the lipstick contains 4g
  • the lipgloss contains 3ml
  • it costs 2,95 Euros
  • price
  • it's a great matching duo
  • very pretty wearable but noticeable color
  • both aren't too pigmented, great for daily use
  • they glide on, very smoothly
  • the lipstick has a creamy formula
  • the lipgloss isn't sticky
  • they provide a nice shine
  • you can wear them each on its own or layered for more intensity
  • they're too glidy, a little slippery on the lips
  • they don't last very long, especially not when eating or drinking
  • they have a very strong soapy sweet scent that I think is too noticeable
  • it's limited
both layered
After all, I think that the negative aspects kinda stand out too much, as wear and scent are quite important to me. I still wear it, especially the lipstick on its own, but I can only recommend it if you don't mind the poor wear.
Has anyone of you tried it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I don't think i'm gonna get this :)

  2. In the end I got this lipstick too. It's gorgeous color and it looks beautiful on lips. I totally agree with your review. Although the lipstick doesn't have too strong smell to me, only lipgloss. But I'll probably wear only lipsticks, because it's great for every day wear.
    I think this lisptick is better pigmented than lipsticks from their regular line. What do you think?

    1. great that we agree :)
      yes, the scent of the lipgloss is stronger than the lipstick one, I think you're right!
      I unfortunately don't own any permanent line lipsticks, but I'm gonna trust you with this one :D


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