Monday, 21 January 2013

Food and stuff!

Hey everyone!
So, I've been thinking about new things to add to my blog, something that is new and that I enjoy. And I figured, this blog is about my passions, so why not add another one?! The plan is to introduce a food series!
Maybe not only food, but also just some random posts, that deal with stuff out of my life, maybe just some pictures, randomness!
What do you think? Is anyone interested in some personalized stuff, especially food?
Let me know please!
xoxo, Misch


  1. I would love to see food photos and also randomness. I became hungry, when I saw these photos, everything looks so yummy. :)

    1. thank you! that's really good know! :)
      haha, that's cool :D

  2. This definitely looks delicious, I would add some rice and voila, lunch is ready ;)
    I'm curious what are those dumplings made of?

    1. that's exactly what I did with it! So yummy!
      you mean the second picture? these aren't actually dumplings, but German Maultaschen! They're made out of pasta dough on the outside and a mix of meat and spinach inside! It's best you google them! :) They're super delicious!

    2. I would leave out the meat cuz I'm a vegetarian but I absolutely love spinach ;)

    3. I bet there is a vegetarian version of it! :)


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