Tuesday, 22 January 2013

NOTD January 22nd: China Glaze - Sea Spray

Hey there!
Around the this time of the year, January that is, I always find it a bit hard to pick season-appropriate nail colors. Like during fall and the holiday season you always have your go-to shades, that are just the perfect shade for the time of the year. In January, however, I find that this is rather difficult. So I'm taking this as an opportunity to go through my stash and swatch some colors! Beause at one point, I want to have neat pictures of all of my polishes. What a challenge!
Today I'll be showing you Sea Spray by China Glaze.
Sea Spray is a light dusty blue, with some gray undertones. I find it matches it name quite well. It has a super subtle shimmer that is barely visible, not even up close.
Application was good, it's creamy but thin, so it goes on smoothly. I ended up using 3 thin coats to cover up some patches.
Sea Spray was originally part of the Spring 2010 Anchors Away Collection, but I think you should still be able to get it. A very lovely color, I like it a lot!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I have it in my collection and I think it's absolutely gorgeous:D Like you said a really nice colour for this time of the year!

  2. This have to be the perfect combination of those two colors and I'm always drooling when I see it but I still haven't bought it. It's kind of expensive here :(

    1. Ooh..where do you live? How about you order it? I got mine at nailsupplies.us where it's around 3 $ and they ship in a box for up to 9 polishes for 23$ shipping. That's is a good deal!

    2. I'm from Slovenia and we do have e-store but they are still around 10EUR, each + shipping. I've checked nailsupplies.us page but I have to ask them if they ship to my country before I get all excited ;)

    3. okay, that is still kind of expensive...I hope you'll be able to get them from there :)


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