Saturday, 15 December 2012

Spotted: Catrice NEONaturals LE

Hey there!
Today I'd like to talk about another current Catrice LE, called NEONaturals.
This LE contains 6 bright colored nail polishes, 6 nude nail polishes and 1 set of a nail art brush and french manicure tip guides. Here *click* you can find an overview of the products.
The bright nail polishes are all neon shades, from yellow over pink to purple everything included. They're all cremes, or at least looked like that. The colors are all very vibrant, but don't look very unique.
The nude nail polishes are actually quite interesting, some of them contains special kinds of shimmer. They're not boring, but still not so convincing for me to get them.
The little nail art set contains a nail art brush and a set of french manicure tip guides. The brush looked to thick for what I like to use for nail art, and I also wouldn't use the tip guides.

After all, not so much of an interesting LE for me, I'd preferred something that's appropriate for the season!
What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Most of the bright colors were too standard. I already had something like them. Except for the yellow and purple one. Those were the ones i bought. The yellow one does have a very visible shimmer, but that was the only bright colored one with shimmer.

    The creme nude colors were quite boring to me. I wouldn't wear them, so i didn't buy them. There were two nude colors with a pretty shimmer, but i wanted to wait to see some swatches so i know if they need a lot of layers. I don't wanna use more than 3 layers when i polish my nails and colors like that in the past have shown me that they aren't that good in coverage. So i hope to see on some blogs that they are good and then i will get those later.

    All in all some cool polishes, but nothing really really special!

    1. okay, good to know! thanks for sharing!
      how is the opacity of the purple and the yellow polish?
      yeah, same for me, I had to think twice whether I wanted the shimmery nude shades :D
      we so agree here :)

  2. This is probably the only collection that we both have the same opinion ;)
    I saw the whole stand (lucky me, why this doesn't happen when some exciting TE comes out?) and nothing really caught my eye

    1. haha, good to know that is actually possible to happen :D unfortunately only with boring stuff :P


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