Wednesday, 5 December 2012

January 2013 LE Previews

Hey there!
We've just started the holiday season, which I love, and now there are already things for next year coming up, like these LE previews.
Essence will be launching 2 LEs, and the first one is gonna be called Snow Jam. It can be seen here *click*. I think it's a cute LE, the products are definitely suited for winter. It kinda gets me in the mood to go skiing :D Not utterly excited, but it looks nice.
The other LE for January will be called Vintage District, here *click* are the promo pics. This one is absolutely different from the Snow Jam LE, and I'm actually pretty excited about this one! Look at the print of the eyeshadows and the blush! Don't they look stunning?! I'm excited about these products, as well as the nail art stuff, the lipstick and gloss duos, everything! Seriously, this looks like a pretty damn cool LE.
What do you think of these?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I'm so excited abour Vintage Disctirct collection, it's amazing! Blush is just wow.

  2. Thanks for sharing! :) I'll be looking out for both of those collections


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