Friday, 7 December 2012

Book Review: Richard Castle - Naked Heat

Hey there!
Today I'd like to share a book with you guys, Naked Heat by Richard Castle. It's a sequel for Heat Wave which I reviewed here *click*. I strongly suggest you read that review first, because it'll help you understand this one :)
This is again a book for the TV series Castle, not with the exact plot of an episode, but there are similarities.
Naked Heat goes on with the story of Detective Nikki Heat, just a little after where the last book ended. Just like the other book and the TV show, it starts with a crime scene, and that way our second main character, Rook, is again included.
This book gets even more active than the previous one, with our main characters actually being involved in scenes of violence and crime. It's very exciting and thrilling again, you always want to find out more and read on :D
I also like the style of writing a lot, it's very entertaining and fun :) I enjoyed reading it! :)
Did anyone of you read this book?
xoxo, Misch

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