Monday, 10 December 2012

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Hey there!
This weekend I went to see the new and last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2, together with a bunch of friends, and I'd like to share my thoughts on it!
You have to know, first of all, that I'm torn concerning Twilight. I adored the books, read them all multiple times, but I'm extremely disappointed by the movie series, I don't think they're good or do the books justice. However, I still had to see the last movie of course :D
Now, let's get into the review. I'll try not to put any spoilers in it! But if you haven't even read the book, you might not wanna go on reading here so you won't be spoiled :D
So, the beginning of the movie, the intro, was kinda cool. In some way it reminded me of the James Bond Skyfall intro! The next couple of things happening were a little too rushing and short for my liking. It felt like they kept it extra short so they'd have more time in the end! And I believe if you didn't read the book, it'd be a little hard to follow all of the events.
I liked it when it came to finding friends to help, all of those new vampires were really cool! I'm especially a fan of Benjamin, who is exactly the way I expected him to be :)
Towards the end, it didn't rush as much anymore, leaving lots of time for the battle/meeting with the Volturi. Now there's this one moment in the movie when a scene comes up that is not at all like it happens in the book. This is very hard to describe without spoilers, so let's keep it at that: it's a jaw-dropping scene, very surprising! It's actually quite a cool part in my opinion, good to bring some action into it. The end, however, works just the way it did in the book.
I liked Renesmee, she's cute, and I liked a couple of funny scenes, as well as the very end with the closing credits, that was nice. I didn't like that it got very soupy at a couple of parts, and how it's still not even close to the books.
After all, I don't regret watching it, and considering it's a Twilight movie, it's not even that bad. If you're a fan, this is a must for you, if not, you're not really missing out if you don't see it.
Has anyone of you seen it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. i've seen it, and the thing i mind the most is the baby Renesmee, you could really see that it was done on a computer, her eyes were weird and her whole face was weird from time to time, but i liked the movie and i think it's one of my favorite from all of them.. i liked the ending too, it was nice and charming :)

    1. yes, you're so right about that!
      that's really cool :)


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