Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Presents

Hey there!
I hope you had wonderful holidays spent with your loved ones and that you all enjoyed yourselves :) I took  a couple of days just to spend with my family, and it was fantastic :)
But even now that Christmas is over, I thought we could still talk about it :D I'd like to show you the stuff I got my friends for Christmas. I had actually planned to do this earlier, but I couldn't until Christmas as I was afraid they'd see it :D
My friends and I decided this year to just get each other tiny little things, just a few mini-presents, nothing fancy. It was still really cool to pick out tiny presents for my friends :) Here are the things:
scented candle + essential oil for fragrant oil burner
various bathing products
self-decorated cones
wrapped presents
self-made Christmas cards

wrapping stuff and decorations

Christmas-themed lollies
beads for a bracelet
Tomorrow I'll be showing you what others got me for Christmas, as long as you want to see that :)
What did you give away this year?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Wow! Your fiends are very lucky! Everything you picked is really cute and nice!


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