Monday, 12 March 2012

Previews for April

Hey there!
I'm back, yay :D My illness is over, finally! I was so so bored, just resting in my bed, and I missed blogging! But I didn't have the energy to do it :P Now I have, though, and I can't wait to post new things :)
For a start, even though you might have all already seen it, Previews! Here you go:
Essence's LE for April is called Fruity, here *click* are the promo pics. The colors are all pastels, like light green and peach and stuff. The types of products are definitely nice and not too usual, but I'm not a fan of the colors...Somehow this is nothing I would use. I bet I'm gonna save my money on this one!
Catrice, on the other hand, totally wows me. Their LE is called Revoltaire, and here *click* are the promo pics for it. I really like this LE, the products and colors are fun, and they're way more what I want spring things to look like. The design of the eyeshadow palettes is just pure awesomeness, and look at that blush! Gorgeous! I definitely need a few things ;)
What do you think of these LEs?
xoxo, Misch


  1. I really like the idea behind Essence LE, fruit looks juicy and delicious so I can only hope that polishes will be jellies :)
    But I'm not interested in new Catrice LE, the colors are just too bright and neon looking

    1. It's great that people have different opinions, don't you think? You can have the whole essence stuff, as long as I get the catrice one ;)

  2. I really like the one from Catrice, can't wait to see the matt lipsticks!


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