Monday, 19 March 2012

Polish Finish Series: Frost

Hi guys!
Today's episode of Polish Finish Series is abouth the finish Frost.
A Frost polish has a very fine and cool-toned, most of the time silver, shimmer. This shimmer is so fine that is shows every brush stroke and is therefore very obvious.
The obvious brushstrokes don't make this finish very popular, because it is not nice to apply and doesn't look even. That's why Frosts are losing popularity and you find them rather with older polishes. By today brands are able to spread their shimmer better ;)
The decreasing availability of this finish is one of the reasons why I don't have many Frosts. The other reason is that I'm not really a fan of it ;)
Here you have one, 10 by Chresy. It's a dark reddish pink with the typical silver frost. It needs 2 coats for full opacity.
I don't have any other true frosts, it's not really my type of finish.
What do you think of frosts?
xoxo, Misch


  1. i don't have a lot of polishes with frost finish either but this one is really pretty.

    1. It is, that's why I bought it even though it is a frost ;)

  2. I like this finish. Right now I am wearing a pink frost, quite old from L'oreal :-)

    1. Will you post pictures of it on your blog?


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