Tuesday, 13 March 2012

NOTD March 13th: Essence Show Your Feet - Flashy Pink

Hi guys!
While I was sick I didn't wear polish for a full week, and I also cut them down. Now I'm fit again, and I have to wear polish again! Well, I want to wear polish again ;)
With the sun being out so nicely, I went for something colorful, and what color is better than pink?! So I did hot pink nubbin nails ;)
Essence's Flashy Pink is an old polish, from their Show Your Feet Line. The line still exists, but this polish doesn't anymore. But any hot pink creme, like most brands have it, will do.
Application was nice, despite the fact that it's so old (3 years? 4 years maybe?). It applied flawlessly with 2 nice coats, I'm super happy with it.
It puts me in a great mood, I love painting my nails, and I haven't worn a hot pink in what feels like forever! But it's great for spring :)
What do you think of hot pink?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Hmmm, for me it's too pink but I love soft and pastel pink (we always have different opinion on colors and LE, so fun ;))

    1. light pink is also nice, but a tad too plain for me :D
      yes, we really do! but I appreciate it :)

  2. It is a very happy colour! Wow! One week without painting your nails, you needed a pink like this one after that :-))


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