Friday, 30 March 2012

Hunger Games Movie Review

Hi guys!
Yesterday I went to see the Hunger Games movie, and I just had to type a movie review about it. I already reviewed the Hunger Games book some time ago *click*, and since I liked the book I had high hopes for the movie ;)
Here's what the movie is about: The story plays in the future, in a country called Panem, which is where now the United States of America are. It's parted into 12 districts, and they are all ruled by the rich people in the so-called Capitol. Every year in the country The Hunger Games take part, a kind of game the Capitol invented to remind all of the districts that they can't ever defeat the Capitol. That's the way this game works: out of every district a boy and a girl aged between 12 and 18 has to come to a certain arena, and there fight for their life. Only one of the teenagers can win, and that way only one can survive. The main character, a girl named Katniss, lives in District 12 and has to feed her family because they have no money. When the tributes for the annual games are being chosen, Katniss's little sister is selected, and because she loves her, Katniss goes instead of her. With her, a boy named Peeta is chosen, and he seems to have feelings for Katniss.
(and yes, I copied that from the book review ;) I'm a lazy person, sorry for that!)
Now, I'm sorry about it, but I gotta warn you: SPOILER ALERT!!
First of all, I liked the actors. They all seemed like good matches for the characters, and I'm especially a fan of Liam Hemsworth :D The only one who disappointed me was President Snow, he didn't look mean enough for my taste ;)
I loved the make-ups in the Capitol, they were awesome! All the colors, the creative designs, really really cool! Effie Trinket's nails and everything ;) The only thing is that they showed it, but they didn't mention it any further. Like in the book, they had these long parts of doing her make-up and everything, and I loved that. But in the movie it wasn't as much in detail. And, something that really disappointed me was that Katniss didn't wear Flame nails when she got into the arena. That's a detail they really could have included! I was sitting there in cinema, waiting for her to show similar nails like mine, and there was no polish on her nails! :P But that's something only a make-up addict would criticize ;)
They didn't have a ton of show effects in it, but I liked that. Sure, there were some "aaaah"-moments, but not too many, and it worked for the movie. It's not a movie you would watch for show effect, that's for sure.
I really liked that they showed the time in District 12 and in the Capitol in detail, that was great that they didn't rush through it. But that meant there was not as much time left for the arena. I would have liked that to be longer, too! In the woods it was less scary that I imagined it to be. While reading it, I always had this feeling of "the next moment there's someone gonna jump out of the woods and kill her". And I didn't have that with the movie.
The love story was nice, and they did show it, but what really was wrong with it is that they didn't mention Katniss is only playing it all and doesn't have real feelings for Peeta. In the book that is clear, but not in the movie. And that's just something you can't leave out!
The end, the last moments in the arena, were really brutal. It worked for the whole movie, but it definitely was a little scary and just seemed so cruel. And then it was already almost over, I found the end a little too rushing. Sure, it has to end, but it should have been extended a bit ;)
What I do think is that the movie is a little hard to fully understand if you didn't read the books. They could have explained a little more.
When a book is turned into a movie, you can't help but compare. And of course, a movie will never be as good as a book. But this one really didn't disappoint me! It's really a good movie, and I would watch it again. It's definitely better than the Twilight movies, but nowhere close to Harry Potter ;) That's as far as my personal ranking is concerned ;)
After all, I would definitely recommend it! Did anyone of you already see it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. hi =D

    i sow it and read the books .. let me tell you it didn't satisfy me, it was good but not awesome.

    just like what you said better than twilight abut nowhere close to harry potter

    keep it up

    1. hi there! :)
      it's great that we think the same way about it :)
      i will, thanks ;)


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