Friday, 16 March 2012

NOTD March 16th: Essence Color3 - A Walk In The Park (Stop For An Ice Cream)

Hey there!
Today I want to show you a polish I'm currently wearing. It's A Walk In The Park (Stop For An Ice Cream) by Essence, and it's part of their new Color3 series which is part of the permanent line. It's a double-ended polish.
A Walk In The Park is a green polish with a slight shimmer, and Stop For An Ice Cream is a bluish silver opal splitter topper. The green polish is really opaque, it needs just 2 coats. The topper is really sheer, but it's also not meant to cover, you're supposed to apply it over something else.
Application was nice, considering the fact that you have a double-ended polish and it's therefore a little awkward to hold. But apart from that it all worked nicely, the polishes glided on smoothly.
As much as I like both colors, I think there are better combinations out there. I already wore the topper over a light polish once *click*, and I liked that look a lot better. So, I guess the next time I'll rather wear the green on its own and the topper some other time. Make sure to enlarge the pictures!
I still like it, though, and since I don't even wear green that often, that has to say something! And it's nice for the upcoming St. Patty's Day!
See you soon,
xoxo, Misch


  1. I found your nail varnish very eye catchy and its its cool and lovely.

  2. It is sooooo pretty! I can't buy more nail polishes! Don't so me this temptation! haha!

    1. haha, I'm sorry I make you want this polish ;) but you're right, it really is pretty :D


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