Saturday, 2 November 2013

Spotted: Essence Superheroes LE

Hey there!

Long time no see, very long time! Deeply sorry for that, but I just never found the time...but better now than never, so yay, a new post from me!

I recently saw Essence's Superheroes LE at the drugstore, so this is what I'd like to talk about today! I didn't even know about this LE, there you go, that's how much I've been up to date recently!
But anyways, this is a fun LE themed around nail art and stuff.
It contains 6 effect nail polishes, 3 glitter containers, 1 brush, 2 sets of nail stickers, 1 nail polish remover and 1 beauty bag.
You can see promo pics of everything here *click*.

The nail polishes are of very different effects. From liquid sand to holo and flakies, there's something for everyone! I didn't find them to be that exciting, except for one: the Thermo Effect Nail Polish. It's called 01 Fantastic Girl and it's of a deep berry pink shade. But it changes its color according to temperature! It can go from a bright barbie pink to a deep purple, and that stuff really works! It's like the coolest thing ever! I'll be showing you pictures of it on my nails tomorrow so you get an idea of how cool the effect is!
The little containers of glitter are quite fun, they are just loose particles.

The brush is there to brush off loose particles when using glitter.

The sets of nail stickers are two very different ones. One consists of comic stickers, and the other of silver and golden stripes. I got that one because I figured it might be nice for Christmas themed nail art :) It's called 02 rescue me!
The nail polish remover is pink and has glitter in it, it's quite awesome :D

Last but not least, the beauty bag. It's rather small and very glittery, but I'm sure could be nice.

Well, after all, this is a rather fun LE that does have some cool things in it, but still didn't utterly excite me. But I love the nail polish!
Did you get anything from it?
xoxo, Misch

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