Tuesday, 5 November 2013

October '13 Favourites

Hey there!

Today I'd like to share my favorites of the month of October with you guys :) Even though I wasn't really posting frequently, that doesn't mean that I didn't use any cosmetics!
Here are my favs:
Sleek Blush by 3 Flame - I love love love this blush palette! The colors are bright and warm, perfect for autumn, and they are great to wear :) My review can be found here *click*.

Essence Superheroes LE Thermo Effect Nail Polish 01 Fantastic Girl - even though I only bought this towards the end of the month, I am so so mesmerized by its effect that I just had to include this here! You can see it on my nails in this post *click*.

Essie Not Just A Pretty Face - this is a stunning nude nail polish, and I love wearing it on my toes! I always just reapply it, a great shade! Can be seen on my nails here *click*.

Kiko Eyeshadow 132 - a beautiful warm brown shade with a golden shimmer. Great for all kinds of looks! You can see swatches of it here *click*.

Sephora Waterproof eye makeup remover - I bought this one during my recent trip to France, and quite enjoy using it! A review will come up soon :)

So, that's it for my monthly favorites! What were yours? Share them with me!

xoxo, Misch


  1. I have a brown shade by Kiko but I don't remember if this is the one. The ones I've tried are nicely pigmented, but anyway, that was after reading lots of swatchposts.

    1. Haha, I also always do that, look up reviews and swatches before getting something :)


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