Thursday, 28 November 2013

December LE Previews

Hey guys!
With December almost upon us, I thought I would share two LE previews. Both Limited Editions are supposed to be released within the next couple of weeks.

Essence will launch a LE called Dark Romance, and it can be seen here *click*. It looks rather interesting with some cool products like the velvet mousse blushes and the cream highlighter, but it doesn't exactly look festive to me. I always love Essence's holiday themed LEs, but this year I feel like we're missing out! But we'll see at the store :)

Catrice will release a LE called Celtica, which is to be seen here *click*. This isn't exactly filled with Christmas spirit either, feels more like one of Catrice's January LEs. I do quite like it on the pictures, even though it starts to remind me spring, which is not what I need right now :D But again, we'll see!

What do you think of these LEs?

And to all those of you who celebrate it: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I made pumpkin pie for the occasion, which is great :D Have a lovely holiday guys!

xoxo, Misch


  1. Nothing catches my attention from Catrice's Celtica but I do want to check out Essence's cream highlighter! And the long-lasting lipsticks, to see if they're anything like the ones in the Home Sweet Home TE, I love those.

    1. oh yes, that would be interesting to find out! :)


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