Sunday, 3 November 2013

NOTD November 3rd: Essence Superheroes LE Thermo Effect Nail Polish 01 Fantastic Girl

Hi guys!

Yesterday I already shared my thoughts on Essence's current Superheroes LE with you, and now I'd like to show you the nail polish I bought, Fantastic Girl.
Fantastic Girl is a so-called Thermo Effect Nail Polish. That means it changes its color according to temperature. In the bottle it looks like a medium berry purple shade, without any glitter particles whatsoever. But this color varies. When I'm totally warm, it is of a bright barbie pink. When utterly cold, for example after putting it under cold water, you get a deep purple shade. The color really varies! It's also not limited to the whole nail, sometimes only the tips discolor, or different parts!
The reaction is immediate. It literally changes color within the second you put it under a different temperature water. That is really awesome!
Application was fine, it's a bit sheer at first, and with 2 coats you still have a bit of a visible nail line. I did 3 here, and no top coat as I was afraid it'd alter the color changing effect. It probably does.

I'm a huge fan of this nail polish, it's just too cool!
What do you think of it?

xoxo, Misch


  1. Amazing nail polish! I am wearing it right now and I really like it too =)

  2. I never tried a colour changing nail polish so it sounds really cool to me haha

    1. it is amazing! i really recommend you check it out if you get the chance to do so :)

  3. Definitely cool effect but I'm just not sure if I would wear this color so I didn't bought it but I hope they will manufacture and sell some other shades as well

    1. I thought so at first, too, but wearing it made me change my mind about the color. But I'm definitely with you here, I hope they will make more colors of this!


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