Sunday, 18 July 2010

Eclipse inspired make-up

Hey guys, yesterday I went to cinema to see Eclipse, and it was great! Are you such a Twilight fanatic as I am? Since I was so happy about the movie, I immediately had to do an inspired look! I know that this look is very dark and definitely nothing for everyday, it's just an inspired look that isn't really meant to be wearable! It's inspired by both Rosalie and Jane. Rosalie wears a very thick eyeliner on the upper lash line in the movie and she has shimmery pink eyeshadow on without having a defined crease, but there's still a noticeable color transition. Jane, as most of you know, wears this very heavy, dark black smokey eye with a very heavy eyeliner on the lower lash line. They both wear a neutral lip, but Rosalie's is more bubblegum pink with shimmer.
I first applied a black pencil eyeliner all around my eye, leaving out the inner corner. This line can definitely be messy and pretty thick. Then I smudged the eyeliner on the lower lash line. For this you can either use a smudger that is on the other side of some eye pencils or a q-tip. I also applied the black eyeliner on my water and tight line to get the look even darker. Make sure to smudge your eyeliner into the lashes! The I applied a thinner line of gel eyeliner onto the upper lashline, over the pencil liner. I would not suggest using liquid eyeliner for this, because that wouldn't look the same as Rosalie's eyeliner. On the lid you wanna use a shimmery grey base first and then apply some frosty shimmery pinks over it. Your pinks should get darker toward the outer corner! I used three different pinks from my 120 palette. In the inner corner you wanna apply a frosty white color. When you're done with all of these steps, you want to take a q-tip and clean up, so the eyeliner has the shape you want it to have.
For the cheeks you don't want to use bronzer since vampires are always pale. I applied a shimmery light pink blush, but just very lightly. For the lips you wanna use a bubblegum pink listick with shimmer, in the best case a frost. I don't have a color like this, so I applied a pink lipstick and a frosty gloss over it.

I really hope you liked this inspired look! I know it's not really wearable, but it was so fun to create this! And it could be fun to wear this on Halloween...:)
Have you already seen Eclipse? Did you like it? I'd like to hear your thought on it!
I'll see you soon!
Bye, Misch

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by ma and this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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