Monday, 26 July 2010

EOTD July 26th: Hello Kitty Look

Hey guys,

I got a palette by H&M from a Hello Kitty Collection about half a year ago, and today I did a eye make-up with it. The palette was only 4 Euros and the colors are really pigmented! It contains a light blue, a bronze, a light frosted pink and a frosted white eyeshadow, as well as a peach and a pink blush. All colors are shimmery.

For this certain look I first applied the frosted white color in the inner corner and underneath my eyebrow. Then you wanna use the light pink on the center of the lid and the light blue in the outer corner. Make sure to blend all of these three colors very well so there's no line of separation between them! The bronze color is going to go into the crease, blend this one well, too! On the lower lashline you want to do the same color scheme: In the inner corner white, the light pink and then the light blue. Connect the colors in the outer corner! The bronze eyeshadow isn't supposed to be on the lower lashline. Now you wanna apply a thin eyeliner on the upper lashline and wing it out pretty far. This is supposed to be the "eyecatcher" for this look. You can use either liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner. A pencil wouldn't be that great. Don't forget to curl your lashes and apply one or two coats of black mascara!
On the cheeks you can use one of the brushes of this palette, I used the pink one, but that depends on what you like. I just applied a light pink lipgloss to my lips.

I know that this palette might not be available any more, but these colors are really basic and they're so typical for Hello Kitty, so I had to show you this look! Feel free to use different colors that you already have in your collection!

I hope you liked this look and I'll see you very soon!
Bye, Misch

Disclaimer: I bought this palette with my own money and I'm not payed for anything.

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