Friday, 30 January 2015

Review: Catrice Eyebrow Set

Today I'd like to talk about a product I've been trying for a couple of weeks now.
This is Catrice's Eyebrow Set.

It comes in a little black box. Once you open the lid, you have a mirror in the top part and two colours of eyeshadow for your eyebrows. You can then also pull out a little drawer on the bottom which contains a tiny double-ended tool with an angled brush and a spoolie on the other, as well as small tweezers.
The set is available as part of Catrice's permanent line, and retails for 3,95€. It contains 4g of product.

The eyeshadows are both of a matte brown shade, the top one lighter than the bottom one. At first they looked a little grey-ish to me, but that only comes from them being more ashen than red-toned. Which is actually a very good thing, because it will look very natural with any kind of brow.
The texture of the shadows is very smooth and silky, and they have a nice colour pay-off.

Both tools are actually quite useful. They are very small, and therefore not the best ones ever in terms of handling, but they work fine. Especially on travels, when you don't have the space to pack a lot of extra things, they can definitely do a sufficient job. On a daily basis, however, I prefer to use my specific tools.

I really enjoy doing my eyebrows with this set. What I especially love is that you can mix the colours according to your needs and wants, and are therefore not limited in the amount of different looks you can do.
I personally also prefer eyeshadow for my brows over eyebrow pencils, because they stay a lot longer for me and look more natural. And this set is everything I want and need! It has variety, tools for an emergency, is small and handy as well as inexpensive. What's not to love?

Has anyone of you tried this set? What do you think?

xx, Misch

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