Sunday, 4 January 2015

Chanel Rouge Allure 104 Passion

Is there any better souvenir to get in Paris than a Chanel lipstick? 
There probably is, but when you're on somewhat of a budget, it is already a pretty luxurious thing to buy. So thought my best friend and I, and treated ourselves to one each. We bought them on the Champs Elysées, and felt very special. A bright red lipstick, the perfect thing to get in Paris. I still feel special whenever I wear it!
It is my first Chanel lipstick, and therefore I spent quite some time testing every single shade, texture and finish. I ended up deciding on this one: Rouge Allure 104 Passion.
The colour, 104 Passion, is a very deep red. It's a cool-toned red with lots of blue undertones. It does, however, not look pink. It's a bit darker than your traditional bright red, but not too much. The finish is matte, but still creamy.
Application is rather easy. You definitely have to be careful as the colour is very bold, but the lipstick is shaped in a way that makes it easy to glide on and outline the lips. You can layer it for more intensity, but it's already very apparent with one coat.

The design is very elegant with the black case. The top is golden with the Chanel symbol, and you have to press it down so it pops out and you can pull out the actual lipstick. A very fun way to open it, and kind of special.
What I especially love about this lipstick is the wear. It doesn't dry out my lips at all, and it fades very gradually. Even when you're eating you won't look stupid, and that's perfect. Due to the matte finish it might emphasise dry or chapped areas, but you can easily prevent that by using lip balm before you apply the lipstick.
The lipsticks of the Rouge Allure line all contain 3,5g, and retail for 32,95€. That is a lot of money, I know, and I spent a lot of time thinking about whether it was worth it. But now, I'm super glad I own it, and wear it more often than I'd anticipated.
Do you own any Chanel lipsticks? Or what would you get yourself in Paris?
xx, Misch

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