Thursday, 8 January 2015

Real Techniques Brushes: Nic's Picks

Here's what I got myself when I was in Cardiff: a set of Real Techniques Brushes.

One of the most recent sets of brushes that they released are Nic's Picks. It is a little set that contains 5 brushes with a limited edition design, and 3 of the brushes are exclusive ones.
It contains 2 bigger face and 3 smaller eye brushes.

The first brush is called duo-fiber face brush, and it is like a very fluffy stippling brush, only that it's rounded on the top. Its bristles are black on the bottom and white on the top.
It is recommended for powder application, where it gives a very light finish and makes for an easy application. One thing I also love it for is the application of foundation.

Next we have a cheek brush, which is an exclusive one. Its bristles are very dense and super soft, and it is very wide and rounded on the top. 
You can use this brush for all sorts of things concerning the cheeks. I like it a lot for blush and sometimes even highlighter, but I also use it for bronzing and contouring when it doesn't have to be too precise.

Third up is the angled shadow brush, another exclusive. It is very fluffy and the bristles kind of fan out a little towards the top. It is angled, as the name already suggests.
This brush is great for anything you want to do in your crease of the eye. It is great for super quick blending, but can just as well be used to apply eyeshadow to your crease. What I love in that step is that it immediately blends the eyeshadow, too.

This is the base shadow brush. It is a little tapered towards the top, and can therefore be used for all kinds of applications. 
You can use it to blend lightly, or to apply eyeshadow all over the lid. But what I especially use it for is to apply concealer! The bristles are perfect for that job, they blend nicely and don't absorb too much product. A very multi-functional brush!

Last but not least, we have the final exclusive brush: the eyeliner brush. It is extremely tiny, and slanted. It has a very thin shape, and the bristles are very dense. The edge is very clear and good to use.
This brush is great for any precise work you'd be doing around your eyes. You can use it for gel or shadow liner, as well as for any under-eye application. Plus, it works lovely for filling in your eyebrows!

All brushes feel very good in you hand, and are neither too big nor too heavy. Their design is elegant and simple, and each one works perfectly the way it is thought, and in most cases in even more ways! That's what I especially love about these brushes, because they can be used for so many different types of application. 
Each brush is easy to wash and clean, I experienced no problems at all for that matter.

In the UK, the set retails for £29,99, but Superdrug had them in their holiday gift set line for £20. I have seen them online for around $30.

I can highly recommend this set of brushes as I use them daily. 
Does anyone of you also own these brushes, or any other Real Techniques ones that you can recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

xx, Misch


  1. Great review, I've been wanting to try these brushes for a while now and think I'll have to buy them. Beautiful blog! x, S

    1. thank you very much! Let me know how you like them should you get them!

  2. i think this is the best brush set real techniques have ever done! i love the cheek brush to use for foundation! but my favourite brush is the angled eyeshadow one!

    1. I'm glad you like the brushes as much as I do! If you like it so much, then I will try the cheek brush for foundation as well! :)


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