Saturday, 6 April 2013

Review: Ebelin Make-up Egg (Beauty Blender)

Hi everyone,
today I'd like to review a tool I already mentioned in my March Favorites post, the new Ebelin Make-up Egg! Here you go:
  • Ebelin Precise Make-up Egg
  • costs 2,95 Euros
  • available at dm
  • potential dupe for the Beauty Blender
  • is basically a pink sponge in the shade of an egg with a point
  • made to apply your foundation with
  • price
  • great to apply foundation with
  • blends really well
  • the pointy part is perfect for getting into little corners, for example around your nose
  • you get an even and streak-free finish
  • it's easy to clean and gets back to its original shape
  • availability
I frickin love this tool! It's seriously the best thing even to apply your foundation with, and I love using it every day! I've heard lots of people swoon over this one, and even though I can't compare it myself, it is said to be very very close to the original Beauty Blender. Highly recommend it!
Has anyone of you tried it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. Definitely want to try it, hope I'll find it in my local DM :)


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