Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Double Animal Print

Hi guys!
Today I'd like to show you a nail art tutorial! I've been asked by a lovely reader to do a tutorial on my Double Animal Print nails *click*, and even though the design isn't from me but Kayla Shevonne, I was more than happy do one :)
This is what you need:
  • base coat of your choice
  • 2 contrasting nail polishes: here I chose a darker pink (Essie - Exotic Liras) and a turquoise (OPI - Fly). I find that creme shades work best as they don't pull the attention off the print. In my original NOTD I used a lighter pink, but feel free to change that as you please.
  • a black or white nail polish, in the best case with a striping brush. In this tutorial I tried how it would look with a white print, but you can always change that to black like in my original NOTD.
  • a toothpick or dotting tool to create the design
  • a top coat of your choice
This is how to do it:
  1. Use your base coat to protect your natural nails.
  2. Apply your lighter shade of color, in this case the pink, all over your nail.
  3. Now paint a little more than half of your nail with the darker color. For this you can use the actual brush of the polish. Make sure the vertical line is rather straight.
  4. Now you wanna grab your black/white nail polish and your dotting tool/toothpick, because we'll start off with the cheetah print. For that, draw random shapes of dots, circles and Cs on the pink part of your nail. They don't need to be accurate at all.
  5. It's time for the zebra print now! Take your black/white nail polish with the thin striping brush to create them. If you don't own a polish like that, you could always use a thin paint brush or even a toothpick. That'll work just fine! Make random stripes on the turquoise part of your nail, coming from both sides and also touching each other. Be creative here!

  6. Let it dry for quite a while, so you won't smear it, and then add your top coat to make it last longer.
I hope this tutorial was helpful! Send me some pictures if you recreate it! :)
xoxo, Misch


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