Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Review: Catrice Candy Shock LE Nail Sugar Pearls C01 Cotton Candy

Hey there!
Today I'd like to finally review the Nail Sugar Pearls from Catrice's Candy Shock LE.
They're basically tiny little beads to be used on your nails. Mine are in the shade C01 Cotton Candy. They are currently still available and cost 2,95 Euros for 17g.

The first time I tried them, I used the cream-colored beads over a hot pink nail polish. Not such a good idea, because in my opinion it just doesn't look good when the beads are lighter than the nail polish.
So, next try. This time with a matching background color, Something Sweet by China Glaze.

Application: I first of all painted my nails and waited for it to dry a little. Then I added one thick coat of top coat, and held my nail over a tiny container. Now I poured the beads onto the nail, directly from the bottle. I made sure I got every corner and then pressed the beads in place. So far, so good.
Wear: I did my nails at night, and went to bed when they were dry. Surprisingly, only a couple of beads had come off during the night, so few that it wasn't noticeable on the nail. Next I went to shower. That wasn't as much of a good idea, because that made me lose quite a lot of beads. When you don't look too closely, it still doesn't matter, but up close you can definitely tell the bald spots. During the day then, pretty much all of the beads came off. Washing hands, doing normal stuff like typing or cleaning up a bit made me lose them.
Feeling: the feeling of the beads on your nails is rather funny. They aren't in the way or anything, only when you do your hair. But the texture is quite unusual!
with some beads gone
After all, I think these beads are a fun thing to try out. They look very cute when worn as a statement, on your accent nail like I do here. For a special occasion, a great look to try out. But I suggest you then do your nails when showering and doing your hair is already done, as you might ruin your look otherwise. This is nothing for day-to-day, but very pretty :)

What do you think of it?
xoxo, Misch


  1. thanks for share..

  2. Hello :)
    can I ask what is name and brand of pink nail-polish which you have got on basis? :)
    Im sooo sorry, i cant speak english :D

    1. Of course you can sweetie! The nail polish is called Something Sweet and it is from China Glaze.
      Oh don't worry, your English is wonderful! :)


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