Saturday, 12 July 2014

New Start.

Hey everyone!

I can't even begin to say how very and deeply sorry I am for abandoning this blog for such a long time. It's seriously been five whole months now since I last typed something here, and before that I've been slacking for quite some time. And to be honest, I'm quite embarrassed! I didn't think it would come that far. Sure, every time I went online I looked at the little Blogger icon and thought: "maybe later". And that later was put off more and more - and now here we are, five months later.

Yesterday I was chatting with some friends, and one of them mentioned how I hadn't posted anything in quite some time, and that was the final push I needed to remember how much fun I always had at this! And it got me thinking why I abandoned my blog in the first place. The main reason was obviously school. The school year that just ended was my last one, and the time before finals was super stressful. I needed lots of time for studying, and I'm glad I took it, because I graduated as one of the best students from my year, something I'm rather proud of. So, school is my main excuse for not being able to blog. But then there were some other things. I spent hours and hours on Tumblr, a site that got me hooked and which kind of kept me from quality blogging on here. I spent more of my free time with my friends, and lately went on a couple of holidays, which also took some time away. All in all, I kept myself busy with lots of things but blogging.

But that doesn't mean that I didn't want to blog anymore! I never once thought about deleting my blog or making a final goodbye or anything. I always kept the chance to go back to it, and I'm very glad I did. Because now I feel very up to it. With school being over, I need something to occupy myself with, and besides work, which I'm currently looking for, blogging seems like a good choice. I'm actually very much looking forward to it!

So from today on, it's a little like starting over for me with my little blog here. I'm introducing a new layout, and maybe some new kinds of posts. Of course, the focus will remain on beauty-related stuff, but I don't mind branching out. Who knows, maybe I'll share more personal stories or find some other new topics. I'm also open for some suggestions!

I hope that some of you will find their way back here, and that I didn't lose all of you lovely readers during my rather long break. I'd be happy to hear from you!

To a new start and lots of diverse posts. Cheers.

xoxo, Misch


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